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Travel Tips for North Cyprus

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North Cyprus Holiday and Travelling Tips
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Travel Tips for North Cyprus

Don't forget to check that all the documents (passport, tickets, etc.) are safely zipped in your hand bag. Get a confirmation from your travel agency that a representative / a driver / a taxi will meet you at the airport upon your arrival in North Cyprus.

On the way to North Cyprus
Check-in time is one hour prior to scheduled departure time of domestic flights and two hours prior to scheduled departure time of international flights. Check-in is closed 20 minutes before scheduled departure time of domestic flights and 35 minutes before scheduled departure time of international flights.
If your stay is more than 72 hours at a stopover point, be sure to have your next flight reservation confirmed. Otherwise your reservation can be automatically cancelled.

Travelling with pets
Cats, dogs and birds brought to North Cyprus should have valid health and vaccination certificate. They can be taken to the cabin of the airplane in a cage that has to have a tag identifying both passenger and animal. For carriage of such animals in the cabin, reservation is required. Dogs assisting blind passengers can be carried free of charge in the cabin without a cage. Other animals should be transported in the cargo department. For more details about transportation of animals contact your airline company.

When to come to North Cyprus?
If you are facing a dilemma when to go on vacation to North Cyprus, in June or September, take into consideration that the sea temperature in June is slightly cooler.

During the summertime you need light clothing and light shoes. Don’t forget to bring head-dress to be protected against the sun, as well as a pair of comfortable shoes for walking around. As the weather during winter is cooler and moister, you will need a light jacket and several pullovers.

North Cyprus Sun
Keep in mind that the sun is especially dangerous during the period from June to the end of September. Do not forget to take sun-screen lotion for yourself and your child (note that children need sun-cream with higher protection).

Drinking water in North Cyprus
It is not advisable to drink from the tap. You can purchase purified bottled water in all the hotels, restaurants, as well as supermarkets.

Sewage system
The sewage system of North Cyprus consists of rather narrow pipes which can not cope with toilet paper being flushed down the toilet. While using a lavatory it is advisable to use special bins for disposal of toilet paper, which are emptied daily.

If you need a medical assistance or first aid address your hotel reception for information on in-house doctors.

As any hot country, North Cyprus is invaded by mosquitoes in summer. You may use special anti-mosquito coils, although the smoke they produce can be annoying for some people. In this case, you would better rely on insect repellents which you may bring with you or purchase locally.

Hotel staff, waiters and guides do appreciate a small gratuity. Usually, restaurants include service charge in the bill, if not 10% of the bill is normal.

Taking photos
It is not allowed to take photos in the vicinity of the military territories and demarcation line. Before taking pictures in a museum ask for permission. It is also prohibited to take photos in some North Cyprus monasteries.

Visiting a mosque in North Cyprus
Before entering a mosque, visitors should take off their shoes. Women are to cover their heads, arms and legs. Avoid wearing shorts and short skirts. Please also avoid visiting a mosque in North Cyprus during prayer time.

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