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North Cyprus Public Transport
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Public Transport in North Cyprus

Public Transport / Rent a Car / Taxi Services

There is a well organised system of public buses and mini buses in Turkish Cyprus that is managed by the local authorities. Buses run every 15-30 minutes during the day depending on their destination, however departure times are not fixed. Public transport services are less frequent after 5pm and during the weekend.

All the bus routes start at the Bus Terminal or Girne Kapisi (Kyrenia Gate) in the centre of the city and cover all the areas of the city.

The current fares include 1 YTL for the buses that cover the city within its borders and 2.5-3 YTL for a trip between the towns.

In addition to buses you may get so-called 'dolmush', share taxis which may take 6-8 passengers. Passengers divide the cost of services between each other. It is a convenient way to get a ride, however sometimes you will have to wait till the driver drops the passengers who have taken the taxi earlier than you.

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