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North Cyprus Sightseeing

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North Cyprus Sightseeing
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Sightseeing in North Cyprus

Nicosia / Kyrenia / Famagusta / Guzelyurt

Visiting historical sites of Northern Cyprus can be exciting especially for those who like experiencing countries' cultural and historical heritage. Every town of North Cyprus, with its castles, museums, monasteries, tells you its story. Kantara Castle and St. Barnabas Monastery, Kyrenia Castle and Shipwreck Museum, the Vouni Castle and St. Mamas Monastery - all of them have something interesting to tell you about the island's life and history.

Check the opening hours for museums and learn more information about the sites of interest in each town of North Cyprus:


Museum Summer
opening hours
opening hours
Bedestan and Lipadary 09.00-14.00 09.00-13.00/14.00-16.45
Dervis Pasa Mansion 09.00-19.00 09.00-13.00/14.00-16.45
Luzignan Mansion 09.00-14.00 09.00-13.00/14.00-16.45
Mevlevi Tekke Museum 09.00-14.00 09.00-13.00/14.00-16.45
Milli Mucadele Museum 09.00-14.00 09.00-13.00/14.00-16.45
Museum of Barbarism 09.00-14.00 09.00-13.00/14.00-16.45


Museum Summer
opening hours
opening hours
Antiphonitisi Abbey 09.00-14.00 09.00-13.00/14.00-16.45
Icon Museum 09.00-19.00 09.00-13.00/14.00-16.45
Baris Ozgurluk Museum 09.00-14.00 09.00-13.00/14.00-16.45
Bellapais Monastery 09.00-19.00 09.00-13.00/14.00-16.45
Girne Castle and Museum 09.00-19.00 09.00-13.00/14.00-16.45
Kantara Castle 10.00-17.00 09.00-13.00/14.00-16.45
Museum of Folk Art 09.00-14.00 09.00-13.00/14.00-16.45
St. Hillarion Castle 09.00-17.00 09.00-13.00/14.00-16.45
The Fine Art Museum 09.00-19.00 09.00-13.00/14.00-16.45


Museum Summer
opening hours
opening hours
Akkule 09.00-14.00 09.00-13.00/14.00-16.45
Ayios Yuanais Church 09.00-14.00 09.00-13.00/14.00-16.45
Canbulat Museum 09.00-17.00 09.00-13.00/14.00-16.45
Enkomi Ruins 09.00-19.00 09.00-13.00/14.00-16.45
Namik Kemal Museum 09.00-14.00 09.00-13.00/14.00-16.45
Othello Castle 10.00-17.00 09.00-13.00/14.00-16.45
Royal Tombs and Museum 09.00-19.00 09.00-13.00/14.00-16.45
Salamis Ruins 09.00-19.00 09.00-13.00/14.00-16.45
Sipahi Ay Tiras Bassilica 09.00-14.00 09.00-13.00/14.00-16.45
St. Barnabas Museum 09.00-19.00 09.00-13.00/14.00-16.45
Yeni Iskele Icon Museum 09.00-19.00 09.00-13.00/14.00-16.45


Museum Summer
opening hours
opening hours
Guzelyurt Museum and St. Mamas 09.00-19.00 09.00-13.00/14.00-16.45
Icon Museum 09.00-14.00 09.00-13.00/14.00-16.45
Soli Ruins 09.00-19.00 09.00-13.00/14.00-16.45
Vouni Palace 10.00-17.00 09.00-13.00/14.00-16.45

Please note that some of museums are closed at the weekends:
Nicosia - Kumarcilar Hani, Buyuk Han, Mevlevi Tekke, Bedestan, Lapidary Museum;
Famagusta - Othello's Tower, Canbulat Museum.

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