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Guzelyurt Cyprus Sightseeing
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Sightseeing in Guzelyurt

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St. Mamas Church in Guzelyurt is dedicated to St. Mamas, known as the patron of tax avoiders. The title was bestowed on him because he was a hermit living in very poor circumstances and when the authorities tried to tax him, he evaded them. Soldiers were sent out and captured him but on the way back to town, he saw a lion attacking a lamb, escaped from the soldiers, saved the lamb, jumped on the lion's back and in that way came to town. His bravery earned him exemption from tax, hence his traditional attribute.

Soli is an ancient city, located west of Kyrenia. It dates back to about the 6th century B.C., and was one of the ten city-kingdoms into which Cyprus was divided at the time. What remains today is mainly from the Roman period, most notably the wonderful mosaic floor of the basilica with its wealth of birds, animals and geometric designs and outstanding of all is a picture of a splendid swan.

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