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North Cyprus Restaurants

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North Cyprus Restaurants
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Dining Out in North Cyprus

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North Cyprus brings you the perfect spots to have a delicious meal at or meet up with friends for a cup of coffee.

There is a rich selection of restaurants here, ranging from so-called "soup houses", where you may try local Cypriot cuisine, to fancy restaurants serving exquisite French, Italian, Mexican, Chinese and Indian cuisine, as well as Turkish meals at reasonable prices. Most of the finest restaurants, cafes and bars are located in and around Kyrenia.

The local cuisine is very nutritious and consists only of natural products. It is believed that Cypriot meals are healthy as they contain manly vegetable fat and are usually cooked on olive oil. The main ingredients are lamb, chicken, fish, vegetables, fruit, yogurt, cheese and of course different spices: oregano, thyme, cinnamon, pepper, caraway, parsley and garlic. Spices and herbs are abundant, but used so wisely so that they only intensify the natural taste of a product or the meal as a whole.

Fruit and vegetables are always fresh, as most of them are delivered from the local villages all year round. Cyprus is famous for its oranges, mandarins and grapefruits, strawberry, apples, pears, watermelons, melons, grapes, and figs.

The most famous traditional meal of Cyprus is "meze", an abbreviation for "mezedes" (Greek) or "mezeler" (Turkish). It is a kind of a calling card of every restaurant, which will give you the best idea of what Cypriot cuisine is. Every chef decides himself what should be included in meze but it is certainly the first meal you should try upon arriving in Cyprus.

We hope that soon you become as passionate about your next meal as Cypriot people are.

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