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How to get to North Cyprus

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How to Get to North Cyprus
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How to Get to North Cyprus

By Air / By Sea

North Cyprus can be reached by air and by sea. You may choose the most convenient way for you.

Although there are no direct flights to the TRNC, travelling to the northern part of the island is no longer a problem. Cyprus Turkish Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Onur Air, Atlas Jet and Fly Air provide scheduled flights to the TRNC from all international airports worldwide via Turkey. Besides, there are charter flights to Turkish Cyprus.

As mentioned above, all the aircrafts flying to Turkish Cyprus are to touch down in Turkey. Usually the stopover lasts for an hour, and passengers remain in the aircraft, however sometimes the airline company changes the aircraft. In this case passengers are required to wait in the transit lounge and obtain a boarding pass of their ongoing flight to Northern Cyprus. It will take you approximately an hour to get from Turkey to North Cyprus.

If you travel by sea, the voyage may take you from 2.5 to 10 hours. Ferry-boats and sea-buses connect operate regularly between Kyrenia and Famagusta, towns in North Cyprus, and Turkey.

Sea-busses are faster and travel between the island and Turkey almost every day. Ferry boats can take more passengers and cargo, but go slower. A trip by a ferry boat can take up to 4-10 hours. The sea trips may be certainly not pleasant in winter.

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