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Entertainment in North Cyprus
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Entertainment Activities in North Cyprus

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Northern Cyprus provides all kinds of entertainment activities for sport keeners and those who prefer tranquil vacation. In case you haven't defined what type you are, look up for some tips which will help to find out what suits you better.

North Cyprus beaches provide great opportunities for all kinds of sea entertainment including swimming, sunbathing, sailing, windsurfing, parascending, water skiing, banana riding, and more. The waters of the Mediterranean near the cost of the northern part of Cyprus are one of the cleanest. Just don't forget a good sun lotion.

Your vacation can be more fascinating if you try as many sport activities as possible. You may practice water sports, attend a gym, subscribe to yoga classes, visit a carting club; or even go hiking. No matter what you are willing to do, remember that sport and moving make you healthy.

North Cyprus cinemas present recently released films, and the repertoire is usually changed every week. All the movie theatres are equipped according to the modern technologies, providing image and sound of high quality. Most of the cinemas have several halls to present several movies at one time.

If you like going out at night, you may go to a disco to dance, communicate with friends, have a drink and just have fun. Discos in North Cyprus are especially popular among young people although nobody has set the age of disco lovers. Discos in Cyprus are usually combined with bars, where you can move from the dance floor, get some rest and have a drink or refreshment.

North Cyprus has a lot of opportunities for those who can't imagine a vacation without emotional risk-taking. Yes, this section is about casinos. Situated near or combined with hotels, local casinos offer excellent service. It is an exciting pass-time for those who would like to try to bet for the first time in their lives or experienced gamblers.

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