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North Cyprus Beaches
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Going to the Beach in North Cyprus

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Private Beaches

Those who have already visited North Cyprus would agree that this island has been designed by nature as a great sea resort. Swimming, sunbathing, sailing, windsurfing, parascending, water skiing, banana riding, - you will find everything you want for an unforgettable vacation with your family. As the sea bottom in most of the beaches is plain parents can feel safe for their children who like playing in shallow places.
Private and hotel beaches have all the modern facilities to make staying at the beach as comfortable as possible. They offer visitors sun lounges, bathrooms, sunshades, showers, bars and restaurants. Some of the beaches have special equipment for water skiing, banana riding, Jet Ski, wind surfing, and scuba diving.
Note: All the private beaches have an entrance fee that can vary from 10 to 20 YTL per person.

Some of the North Cyprus Private Beaches

Name of the beach Location Facilities
Acapulco Beach Kyrenia facilities available
Alsancak Beach Kyrenia local cuisine restaurant
Bediz Public Beach Famagusta facilities available
Deniz Kizi Kyrenia facilities available
water skiing
fun rafts for children
Escape Beach Club Kyrenia facilities available
Glapsides Public Beach Famagusta facilities available
Jet Ski
Golden Sands Karpaz turtles nesting in summer
Kervansaray Beach Kyrenia – Karaoglanoglu facilities available
restaurants and bars
Lara Beach Kyrenia facilities available
an open air restaurant
Malibu Beach Karpaz facilities available
snack bar
Mare Monte Kyrenia facilities available
Nangomi Beach Famagusta the most magnificent beach in North Cyprus
Silver Beach Famagusta limited facilities
Sunset Beach Kyrenia facilities available
bar and restaurant
Turtle Beach Kyrenia no facilities available (to enjoy a day here it is preferable to take a picnic, sun shade and something to sit on)

Public Beaches

If you prefer to take pleasure in natural atmosphere we would advise you to go outside Kyrenia or Famagusta and spend a day in a wild or public beach. These places do not have any facilities, but bring you relaxation away from civilisation.
As some of the beaches don't have any places to eat, bring some refreshments and snacks with you. Don't forget towels and sand rugs, as well as the sun umbrella that will protect you from burning (you may purchase the latter for less than 7 Euros). A couple of bottles with drinking water are essential as staying under the sun makes the body lose a lot of liquids. Don't forget the importance of a good sunscreen protection.
Note: Please take into consideration that some Cypriot beaches are place for turtle's nests. During the egg-laying season the beach area for sitting on is marked out with red painted skates. Avoid leaving litter on the beach. It will preserve its natural beauty and environmental balance.

Some of the Public Beaches

Name of the beach Location
Alagadi Alagadi-Esentepe
Akdeniz Public Beach Akdeniz Koyu
Bafra Public Beach Bafra
Bediz Public Beach Salamis
Esentepe Municipal Beach Esentepe
G.Magosa Municipal Beach Nadir Sok. G/Magosa
Glapsides Public Beach Ismet. Bulv. G/Magosa
Karakurum Beach Karakurum
Kervansaray Beach Kervansaray k/oglu
Nese Beach Iskele
Tatlisu Municipal Beach Tatlisu
Yedidalga Public Beach Yedidalga
Yeni Erenkoy Municipal Beach Yeni Erenkoy

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