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Public Services

Provided by the government to the citizens, Public Services in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) include such spheres as healthcare, education, public transportation, fire and police services, electricity and gas, water services, waste management.
Being a government-funded sector, public services are provided by state institutions for free (such as hospitals, schools, police department), thus guaranteed to be available for all the citizens regardless their social position or income.
Sometimes public services are provided by private sector (for example, private schools and clinics). But even if these are not publicly-provided, they are regulated by the TRNC government for social and political reasons.
In this section we are embracing the most essential public services in Turkish Cyprus, as well as some of the privately-owned services, taking into consideration that that all of them form an essential part of our everyday life.


North Cyprus Health CareThe TRNC healthcare system is comprised of both government and private sectors. Healthcare is affordable offering hospital services and primary care.

Hospitals / Emergency Rooms / Private Medical Services / Health Centres / Pharmacies

Turkish Cyprus EducationFull time education is compulsory and free for children between the ages of 6 and 15. The educational system in Turkish Cyprus consists of five main stages.

Primary Education / Secondary Education / Higher Education / Language Schools / Libraries
Internet Services

North Cyprus Internet ServicesInternet services have been developing fast for the past years in the TRNC. Now there are 8 major ISPs offering both dial up and wireless Internet connection.

Internet Services Providers / Internet Cafes
News Media

North Cyprus News MediaThe constitution of the TRNC guarantees the freedom of press in the country. According to the Article 26, any publication shall not be subject to censorship.

Press / News Agencies / Television / Radio / Press Associations
Private Services

Turkish Cyprus Private ServicesMany of the public services in the TRNC are provided by the government indirectly by financing private provision of services.
Emergency Services

North Cyprus Emergency ServicesIf you need medical treatment, assistance of police of fire departments, put down some emergency telephone numbers.


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