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The constitution of TRNC guarantees the freedom of press in the country. According to the Article 26 of the constitution, any publication shall not be subject to censorship.

Printed Media are represented by daily newspapers, weeklies and magazines. There are 8 daily newspapers and 3 weeklies published in Turkish. These publications are of a general interest and include current news on political events, business, sports, opinions, etc. Among the English-language publications it is worth mentioning Cyprus Today and Cyprus Observer. A range of the major European daily newspapers and magazines is usually available at larger newspaper shops.

News Agencies provide 'hot' news stories and feature articles on the most important events. These news reports are disseminated to other news media such as newspapers, magazines, radio and television channels. The Turkish News Agency-Cyprus (TAK) is the main news agency in North Cyprus covering TRNC news internationally and foreign news in Turkish Cyprus.

The core of North Cyprus television broadcasting is Bayrak Radio and Television Corporation (BRT) or simply Bayrak. Founded in 1963 BRT broadcasts various programmes including daily news in Turkish, English and Greek, sports, arts, debates, women's hour, and more, on TV and radio. Satellite and cable television is widespread in the TRNC.

Most of other Turkish Cypriot radio stations are private FM stations. There are also non-commercial college and university radio stations throughout the country. eing the official radio and television broadcasting station of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Bayrak broadcasts programmes on three radio channels.

Press Associations unite journalists with the aim to protect their rights and promote freedom of press. ress organisations also contribute to communication between journalists and editors-in-chief, exchange of information concerning production of newspapers and covering certain topics.


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