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There are 8 daily newspapers and 3 weeklies published in North Cyprus. Largest daily circulation newspapers are Kibris, and Halkin Sesi. These publications are of a general interest and include current news on local and international political events, crime, business, sports, opinions, as well as weather forecasts, and some entertainment columns.
Among the English-language publications it is worth mentioning Cyprus Today. It is the major English-language newspaper in North Cyprus. Founded in 1991, it is a weekly publication, but is by far the most popular foreign periodical read in the island. Another weekly title in North Cyprus is Cyprus Observer, which is also distributed in the UK and has a more political standpoint. It is also worth mentioning such English-language publications as, monthly magazine Pan, the North Cyprus Monthly, and the quarterly magazine Turquoise.
A range of the major European daily newspapers and magazines is usually available at larger North Cyprus shops and supermarkets.

North Cyprus Daily Newspapers

Name Telephone Fax Email Address
Afrika Newspaper 227 1338 227 4585 email Arca Apartmanı, İkinci Selim Cad. No: 49 Daire 1, Lefkoşa. Mersin 10 Turkey
Birlik Newspaper 815 1368   email Iskenderun Cad. No:10/A Lefkosa
Cumhuriyet Newspaper 228 7117   email Ilhan Savut Sk., Koskluciftlik, Lefkosa
Güneş Newspaper 227 3898 228 3959 email P.O. Box 841, 43 Yediler St., Lefkoşa, Mersin 10, Turkey
Halkin Sesi Newspaper 227 3141 227 2612 email 172 Kyrenia Caddesi, Lefkoşa. (P.K.339) Mersin 10 Turkey
Hürriyet Kıbrıs 228 4522 228 4522   Güner Türkmen Sok. Akın Demirağ 3 Apt. Daire 7 Lefkoşa
Kıbrıs Newspaper 225 2555 225 2934   Dr. Fazıl Küçük Bulvarı, Lefkoşa
Kıbrıslı Newspaper 227 6146 227 5703 email Mecidiye Sok. No: 44; Lefkoşa
Ortam Newspaper 227 4872 228 3784 email Cengiz Han Sokak, No: 7, Köşklüçiflik, Lefkoşa
Vatan Newspaper 227 7557 227 7558 email Müftü Ziya-i Sokak, No: 46, Lefkoşa. (P.K. 842)
Volkan Newspaper 227 3449 228 7904 email 17C, Memduh Asaf Sok. Köşklüçift, Lefkoşa, Mersin 10 Turkey
Yeni Duzen Newspaper 223 2333 227 5240 email Organize Sanayi Bölgesi, Lefkoşa. Mersin 10 Turkey
Yenidemokrat 228 1485 227 2558    

North Cyprus Weeklies

Name Telephone Fax Email Address
Cyprus Today 225 2555 225 2934 email P.K. 831, A-N Graphicx Ltd. Dr.Fazil Küçük Bulvari, Lefkosa
Yeni Çag 227 4917 228 8931 email Atatürk Cad. 26/1 Candemir 7 Apt., Lefkosa
Ekonomi 228 3760   email 9, Yesilirmak Street, behind Open Market, Famagusta
Londra Toplum Postasi     email  

North Cyprus Periodicals

Name Telephone Fax Email Address
Cyprus Observer 815 9312 815 5585 email  
Guvenlik Kuvvetleri Dergisi 227 5880   email GKK Basin Burosu, Lefkosa
Bayrak 225 4577   email Bayrak Radyo Televizyon Kurumu Sitesi, BRTK-Lefkosa
PAN 227 7813   email ATÖ Apt, No: 4, Sht. Ibrahim Yusuf Sok. Lefkosa
Northern Cyprus Monthly - Kibris 228 3241 228 4290 email BTRNC Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Defence, Lefkosa

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