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News Agencies in North Cyprus

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There are several news agencies in North Cyprus providing 'hot' news stories and feature articles on the most important events. These news reports are subsequently provided to other news media such as newspapers, magazines, radio and television channels.
The The Turkish News Agency-Cyprus or TAK (from "Türk Ajansi Kibris") is the main news agency in North Cyprus disseminating TRNC news internationally and disseminating foreign news in the TRNC.
Established in 1973, TAK is managed by an Administrative Council and is "devoted to the principles of righteousness and impartiality in its dissemination of news both externally and internally". The agency currently employs 33 people, including 16 journalists. TAK delivers news from the TRNC to the biggest international news agencies: Reuters, AP, AFP, IRNA; and receives news from Reuters.
Throughout the country TAK provides its services to the print media, BRT and other TV channels and radios, newspapers in Turkey, Anadolu News Agency (AA), Turkish Radio TV Cooperation (TRT), foreign agencies and the member branches of the TRNC Government.
In 1997 TAK introduced a BBS system which enables the customers and partners to obtain the news stories through their computers. The news articles in Turkish are published on the agency's website.


Name Telephone Fax Email Address
The Turkish News Agency-Cyprus (TAK) 227 1818 227 1213 email Mehmet Akif Avenue K.4 Köşlüçiftlik-Lefkoşa;
P.O.Box 355 Mersin 10, Turkey
Akdeniz News Agency (ANA) 223 7755 223 7768 email Şht. Ali Özel Sok. Fuar Alanı karşısı, Lefkoşa; Mersin 10, Turkey
Lefkoşa News Agency (LNA) 228 4735
228 9021
228 6258 email Memduh Asaf St. No:6, Köşlüçiftlik/Lefkoşa
Uludağ News Agency 227 5407 228 3823 email 19 Necmi Avkıran St. Lefkoşa, Mersin 10, Turkey
Foto Arca News Agency 228 9892 228 9892 email Meşe St. No:43, block:24- Küçük Kaymaklı
Famagusta News Agency 365 0203 365 0939 email 2 Behram Pasha St. Suriçi, Akkule, Famagusta
Arca Haber Ajansi 0542 852 2576   email  
Anatolian News Agency (ANA) 228 3125 228 5576   6, Sehit Biray Mustafa Sk. – Lefkosa, Mersin 10, Turkey
Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT) 227 3324 228 2704 email 2, Osman Pasha Cad. – Rifatoglu Apt., Lefkosa, Mersin 10, Turkey
International Affairs Agency (INAF) 227 7337 228 6270 email Posta Kutusu 759, Lefkoşa, Mersin 10, Turkey

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