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Internet Services in North Cyprus
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Internet Services in North Cyprus

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In recent years North Cyprus has developed much in terms of Internet technologies. And although there is a lot to be done, some figures show positive trend: Internet penetration of the TRNC citizens is close to the EU average. More than a half of Turkish Cypriots have personal computers, and almost 40% have Internet access at home. Regarding business sector, the same percentage of companies have Internet connection.

If you do have your own computer there are various ISP's that can connect you to the internet. There are 8 major Internet Service Providers offering both dial up and wireless Internet connection in Northern Cyprus. Most of them work on the modern equipment offering customers services of high quality.

Besides, there is a big number of Internet cafes offering public access to Internet. Internet cafes in Turkish Cyprus provide Internet access, web mail and instant messengers, as well as such services as printing out, scanning, international calls, etc. Many users come here to play games, as most Internet cafes are designed for multiplayer gaming.

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