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Turkish Cyprus Internet Cafes
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Internet Cafes in North Cyprus

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Located in the biggest towns of Turkish Cyprus, Internet cafes provide Internet access, web mail and instant messengers, which allow foreign students or tourists keep in touch with family and friends. Usually, they also offer a number of additional services such as web cameras, printing out, scanning, international calls, etc. Many users come to Internet cafes to play games, as most net cafes are designed for multiplayer gaming. Finally, net cafes serve as regular cafeterias offering their customers snacks and drinks.
Internet cafes in Turkish Cyprus provide Internet access for 1 YTL per hour. Some net cafes have personal accounts for those users who pay monthly.


Name Telephone Email Location
B.K. Internet Cafe 815 3047 email Kyrenia
Betsa Net Cafe 365 2681 email Famagusta
Blue Gate Net Cafe 822 3715 email Kyrenia - Karaoglanoglu
Cafe Net 815 9259 email Kyrenia
Cappuccino Internet Cafe 727 8087 email Guzelyurt
Ekinox Net Cafe 366 7645 email Çinar S. Hasan Balik Apt. Dukkan No:1 Famagusta
Evil Net Cafe email Mustafa Ruso Cad., B block Duk. 11/12 K.Kaymakli, Nicosia
Fistik Net Iletisim Cafe 227 3727 email Sht. Salih Cibir Sokak No:15 Kermiya, Nicosia
Izzy Net Internet Cafe 0533 875 2844 email Kyrenia
Mavi Net Cafe 815 3325 email Kyrenia
Mynet Internet Cafe 0533 876 3508 email Guzelyurt
Netcity 365 3979 email Famagusta
Planet Cafe 366 5605 email Famagusta
Sonet Cafe 815 9754 email Kyrenia
Surfer Net 0542 882 6362 email Metin Sülüs Sokak, No:1, Kyrenia
Time-Net Cafe 815 7153 email Kyrenia
bright star internet cafe 05338449333  email vakifler pasaji no 7 Keyrenia

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