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Northern Cyprus Health Care
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Healthcare in North Cyprus

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The healthcare is the publicly-funded sector in Turkish Republic od Northern Cyprus: all the state hospitals are financed by the government. All the residents are insured but some expatriates living and working in Northern Cyprus do not have medical insurance as healthcare is affordable. Beside the government health care system there is a private system.
The structure of the health service in Northern Cyprus is represented by hospital services; and primary care (dentists, opticians and pharmacists generally provide services as independent contractors).

Hospitals are the major health care facilities in the country. There are general hospitals and medical facilities in all the towns of Turkish Cyprus. They provide with large numbers of beds for intensive care and long-term care; as well as specialized facilities for surgery, childbirth, bioassay laboratories, etc.

Emergency rooms in the TRNC provide initial treatment to patients with illnesses or injuries, which require immediate attention. Upon arrival in the ER, people typically undergo a brief triage, interview to help determine the nature and severity of their illness.

Private medical services are represented by clinics run by a private partnership of physicians. Clinics generally provide only outpatient services.

Health centres provide services for ambulatory patients (as opposed to inpatients treated in a hospital). Some centres accept people with injuries or illnesses, which are not serious enough for a visit to an emergency room. In these cases patients are examined by medical professionals. If patients need to be examined by a specialist, they are referred to hospitals or private physicians.

Pharmacies in North Cyprus are generally private-owned. They are staffed by knowledgeable specialists who generally speak English. They will assist you by giving advice for the safe use of medication.

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