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Northern Cyprus Hospitals
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Hospitals in North Cyprus

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Medical facilities are located in all the main towns of the country. Hospitals are the major health care facilities in the country. They provide with large numbers of beds for intensive care and long-term care; as well as specialized facilities for surgery, childbirth, bioassay laboratories, etc.

Main Hospitals

Name Telephone Location
Lefkosa Burhan Nalbantoglu (Dr.Burhan Nalbantoglu Devlet Hastahanesi) 228 5441
223 2441
Magusa Government Hospital (Gazi Magusa Devlet Hastahanesi) 366 4400
366 5328
Dr. Akcicek Hastahanesi 815 2254
815 2266
Celiker Hospital 815 4950 Kyrenia
Ozel Hospital 815 2155 Kyrenia
Kyrenia Medical Centre 815 3282 Kyrenia
Cengiz Topel Hastahanesi 727 6329 Guzelyurt
Baris Ruh ve Sinir Hasateliklari Hastahanesi 228 5441 Nicosia
Kronik Hastaliklar Hastahanesi 228 9757 Nicosia

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