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North Cyprus Health Centres
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Health Centres in North Cyprus

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Health centres in North Cyprus are small medical facilities that provide health care for ambulatory patients - as opposed to inpatients treated in a hospital. Most clinics are run by one or more general practitioners.
Some clinics function as a place for people with injuries or illnesses to come and be seen by medical professionals. In these clinics, the injury or illness is not serious enough to warrant a visit to an emergency room.
Clinics often have access to diagnostic equipment. Thus, doctors at health centres can often refer patients to specialists if the need arises.


Name Telephone
Guzelyürt Saglik Merkezi 714 2125
Lefke Saglik Merkezi 728 7757
Serdarli Saglik Merkezi 376 6004
Akdogan Saglik Merkezi 377 7341
Ceçitkale Saglik Merkezi 373 3356
Yeni Iskele Saglik Merkezi 371 2319
Yeni Erenköy Saglik Merkezi 374 4333
Lefcosa Saglik Merkezi 227 3996
Kamu Sagligi Dispanseri 227 4682
Dis Poliklinigi Saglik Merkezi 228 2590
Lapta Saglik Merkezi 821 8322
Esentepe Saglik Merkezi 823 6352
Dipkarpaz Saglik Merkezi 372 2184
Degirmenlik Saglik Merkezi 232 3464
Maras Saglik Merkezi 366 3615
Inönü Saglik Merkezi 777 8119
Akincilar Saglik Ocagi 242 2099
Tatlisu Saglik Ocagi 389 2224
Mehmetçik Saglik Ocagi 375 5076

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