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Turkish Cyprus Emergency Rooms
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Emergency Rooms in North Cyprus

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Emergency rooms (ER), emergency departments, or accident departments provide initial treatment to patients with a broad spectrum of illnesses and injuries, some of which may be life-threatening and requiring immediate attention.
Emergency rooms respond to the need of people for rapid assessment and management of critical illnesses.
Upon arrival in the ER, people typically undergo a brief triage, or screening, interview to help determine the nature and severity of their illness. After initial treatment, patients are admitted to the hospital, transferred to a specialty hospital, or discharged. The staff in emergency departments includes doctors and nurses with specialized training in emergency medicine.


Location Telephone
Nicosia (main) 228 5441
Kyrenia 815 2266
Famagusta 366 5328
Guzelyurt 723 6329
Ozel Hospital 815 2155
Iskele 374 4333 / 375 5076

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