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Northern Cyprus Libraries
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Libraries in North Cyprus

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Libraries in North Cyprus offer collection of books and periodicals both in English and Turkish.
They provide service to the general public, and make some of the books available for borrowing.
The National Library in Nicosia is one of the main libraries in the TRNC with seven branches in all the towns. It offers different sources and has a special division for blind people.
Kyrenia offers the readers the opportunity to visit the National Archives and the archive of the Cyprus Turkish Vakif Administration and learn more about political and cultural history of the island.
People may also visit academic libraries located in the universities. Designed primarily for the students, they are also opened to the general public who may attend them with a special permission. The Eastern Mediterranean University hosts the largest academic library in Turkish Cyprus, which possesses over 70,000 volumes of books and 600 periodical titles both in English and Turkish.


Name Telephone Location
The American Centre 225 2440 Nicosia
The British Council 227 4938 Nicosia
National Archives 815 2156 Kyrenia

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