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Turkish Cyprus Language Schools
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Language Schools in North Cyprus

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Being proficient in two or several foreign languages has become nowadays a must for most employees. Moreover, languages are considered to be one of the key skills of any specialist working for financial, business, or public sectors.
In the TRNC English is taught as the second language in most secondary schools. Nevertheless, language schools and private lessons provide additional educational opportunities for the Turkish Cypriots and foreign residents. Language schools offer language training of advanced level providing students with additional facilities as video and audio training. There are also private lessons for individual training.
There are also some schools where foreigners may attend Turkish language lessons.


Name Telephone Location
English Language School 855 3853 Kyrenia
Private English Lessons Karaoglanoglu 874 7131 Kyrenia
Private Turkish Lessons 0533 862 0152 Kyrenia
Sunny Lane Alsancak 821 2011 Kyrenia

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