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North Cyprus Political Parties
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North Cyprus Political Parties

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The TRNC has several political parties which are trying to gain political power. In the elections of February 2005 the Republican Turkish Party (RTP) preserved its position as the largest party in the Parliament; however it failed to win an overall majority. The main idea supported by RTP members is the peace settlement of Cyprus problem and reunification of the island.

List of Political Parties and Contacts

Name Telephone Address
Cyprus Justice Party (CJP) 227 0274 Osmanpasa Av. Mirata Apt. No: 1/F Kosklociftlik, Nicosia
Democrat Party (DP) 228 3795 Ilhan Savut St., No:9, Koskluciftlik, Nicosia
Justice and Peace Party (JPP) 227 0662 Hasane Ilgat St. Temel Apt. No:1, Koskluciftlik, Nicosia
National Unity Party (NUP) 227 3972 Ataturk Ave., No:9, UBP Genel Merkezi, Nicosia
National Justice Party (NJP) 228 5834 Sht. Mustafa Abdullah St. No:14 Terminal yani, Yenisehir, Nicosia
Our Party (OP) 228 8438 Bedreddin Demirel Ave. Ugur Apt. No:6, Nicosia
Peace and Democracy Movement (PDM) 228 0108 Osman Pasa Ave. No:11, Koskluciftlik, Nicosia
Republican Turkish Party - United Powers (RTP UP) 227 3300 Sht. Salahi Sevket St.,No:99, Arabahmet, Nicosia
Solution and European Union Party (SEUP) 228 0618 Bedreddin Demirel Ave. No: 145, Nicosia

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