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Sports in North Cyprus

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Sports in North Cyprus
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Sports in North Cyprus

North Cyprus provides a lot of opportunities for sport keeners. There are five big stadiums in TRNC, holding from 7 to 30 thousand people. Locals prefer not only to watch a game but also practice different kinds of sport.

The biggest pasion of Turkish Cypriots is football, or soccer. The Cyprus Turkish Football Federation (Turkish: Kibris Türk Futbol Federasyonu, KTFF) is the main football body in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. It organises the TRNC football leagues, and the national team. It is not a member of either FIFA or UEFA, but is affiliated to the New Federations Board.

The Turkish Cypriot Basketball Federation (TCBF), founded in 1981, promotes basketball in North Cyprus. The organisation has over 1000 registered players, around 50 basketball coaches, and 40 referees taking part in its leagues. The federation has leagues for over 18s, under 18s, under 16, under 14, and under 12. This year it has opened a league for 10 year-old children. TCBF also runs basketball schools in parallel with Turkish Federation for children aged from 4 to 12 in all 5 regions of North Cyprus. It holds seminars and training exercises for the coaches and referees.

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