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North Cyprus Business Centre

The backbone of the North Cyprus economy of is the private sector comprised mainly of such spheres as construction, trade, tourism, transport and communication, business and personal services, real estate, light industry, and public services.

Financial Services

North Cyprus Business Financial ServicesFinancial sector of North Cyprus has been developing fast offering services in many areas such as banking, insurance, accounting and others.

Banks / Offshore Banks / Accounting Companies / Insurance Companies
Trade and Retailing

North Cyprus Trade and Retail SectorRetail sector is one of the biggest ones in the country. It employs a lot of people who work in the supermarkets, specialised shops, importing companies, etc.

Consumer Goods / Electronics Shops / Computer Shops / Importers
Building Construction

North Cyprus  Building ConstructionAnswering to the high demand, a lot of construction companies have been established in the country. Many of them have already had more than ten years of experience in the field.

Construction Companies / Architects and Building Surveyors / Carpentry, Ironwork and Flooring
Dwelling and Real Estate

North Cyprus Real EstateWhether you are looking for a permanent residence and a property to purchase, local estate agencies will guide you through a great variety of options available in North Cyprus.
Transportation and Communication

North Cyprus Transportation and CommunicationMoving companies in North Cyprus specialize in overseas shipping delivering property and goods from and to the island. Check the list of the companies and contact them for terms and prices.

North Cyprus Business Travel AgenciesLocal travel agencies provide good services for planning and organising a vacation. Many of them work exclusively for a small group of airlines, cruise and car hire companies.
Business Organisations

North Cyprus Business AssociationsBusiness Associations operating in the TRNC are aimed at promoting common interests of business and protecting the companies' rights, thus improving the North Cyprus business climate.

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