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North Cyprus Financial Services
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North Cyprus Financial Services

Banks / Offshore Banks / Accounting companies / Insurance companies

Northern Cyprus has offices of both local and international banks. All of them carry out transactions in all leading currencies and have automatic teller machines, enabling you to withdraw foreign currency while you stay in Cyprus. Many banks also offer insurance services, hire purchase finance, mutual fund management, investment and consulting, etc.

Located outside the country of residence of the depositor, offshore banks in Turkish Cyprus provide certain advantages for their customers:

  • strong privacy
  • less restrictive legal regulation
  • low taxation
  • protection against local political or financial instability

Numerous accounting companies operating in North Cyprus specialise in the measurement and provision of assurance about financial information processed by a business. They offer services in both financial accounting and auditing.

Insurance companies are widely spread in the TRNC and provide different types of insurance for individuals and business:

  • car, property, title and boiler insurance
  • financial loss and liability insurance
  • casualty, health, life and permanent disability insurance
  • marine and travel insurance

You can find many quality contacts in the Cyprus financial services section.

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