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Turkish Cyprus Offshore Banks
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Offshore Banks in North Cyprus

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The TRNC hosts several offshore banks. Located outside the country of residence of the depositor, offshore banks provide certain financial and legal advantages. The main advantages of offshore banking include strong privacy, less restrictive legal regulation, low taxation, protection against local political or financial instability. Offshore banks pay interest without the deduction of tax. This produces benefits for those individuals who do not pay tax on worldwide income, or who do not pay tax until the tax return is agreed. Besides, offshore banks provide services that may be not available in the country of residence of the customer.

Offshore banks usually offer the full spectrum of financial services:

  • deposit taking
  • credit
  • money transmissions
  • foreign exchange
  • letters of credit and trade finance
  • investment custody
  • investment management
  • fund management
  • trustee services
  • corporate administration

Please contact a certain bank to get more information on the services provided.


Name Telephone Fax
Arabia Cyprus Bank (Offshore) Ltd.    
Bank Turquoise Offshore Ltd. 227 9223 227 9363
Cleveland Bank Offshore Ltd.    
Cyprus Islamic Offshore Bank Ltd. 228 3151 228 3061
Cyprus United Trade and Investment Bank Ltd.    
East Mediterranean Trust And Banking Corporation Ltd.    
Excess Bank Offshore Ltd. 227 3863 228 4347
Facto Bank Offshore Ltd.    
First Merchant Bank Offshore Ltd. 227 5373 227 5377
Imar Bank Offshore Ltd. 228 7997 228 7983
Mediterranean Union Bank Offshore Ltd.    
Metropolitan Investment Bank Offshore Ltd. 227 5537 227 5520
Northern Island Offshore Bank Ltd.    
Oki Bank Offshore Ltd.    
Optima Bank Offshore Ltd. 228 8902 228 8901
Overseas Bank Offshore Ltd.    
Özbank Offshore Ltd.    
Pasifik Bank Offshore Ltd.    
Renfrew Security Bank & Trust Offshore Ltd. 227 3977 227 8150
Seker Bank Offshore Ltd.    
Technical Export Import Offshore Bank Ltd. 228 1445 227 6915
The Euro Textile Bank (ETB) Ltd. 228 7505 228 7531
The European Business Bank Ltd. 228 7502 228 7791
The European Commerce Bank Ltd. 228 7772 228 7791
Toprak Bank Offshore Ltd. 227 3752 228 6143
Trade Deposit Offshore Bank Ltd. 228 3475 228 2264
Unibank Offshore Ltd. 227 2183 228 1844
World Vak ıf Offshore Banking Ltd. 228 8710 228 8741


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