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North Cyprus Insurance Companies
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Insurance Companies in North Cyprus

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Insurance companies are widely spread in the TRNC as they provide risk management for the citizens and business organisations of the country. They hedge against the risk of potential financial loss related with the loss or damage of property, health or life.

There are different types of insurance protecting individuals and business organisations:

  • Automobile / car / motor insurance is the most common form of insurance. It covers both legal liability claims against the driver and loss of or damage to the vehicle itself. In the TRNC purchasing an auto insurance policy is required to legally operate a motor vehicle on public roads.
  • Boiler insurance protects companies from losses related to equipment breakdown.
  • Credit insurance pays some or all of a loan back when certain things happen to the borrower such as unemployment, disability, or death.
  • Financial loss insurance protects against various financial risks (loss of sales in case of a fire in a factory, etc.).
  • Health insurance covers medical bills.
  • Liability insurance covers legal claims against the insured.
  • Life insurance provides a cash benefit to the family of the insured.
  • Total permanent disability insurance provides benefits when a person is permanently disabled.
  • Marine insurance covers the loss or damage of goods at sea cause by fire or shipwreck.
  • Property insurance provides protection against risks to property, such as fire, flood, earthquake ortheft.
  • Title insurance provides a guarantee that title to real property is vested in the purchaser and/or mortgagee, free and clear of liens or encumbrances.
  • Travel insurance covers certain losses such as medical expenses, lost of personal belongings, travel delay (for those who travel abroad).
  • Workers' compensation insurance replaces all or part of a worker's wages lost and accompanying medical expense incurred due to a job-related injury.

Contact the insurance agents for more information, terms and specific forms of insurance.


Company Telephone Fax Address
Akdeniz Garanti Bankasi Yatirim Sti. 228 7012   Celaliye S. No:2-4 Inönu Meydani Nicosia
Akfinans Sigorta Ltd. 228 1879   Sht. Mustafa A. Ruso C. Muhtar Yusuf Is Merkezi 26 K. Kaymakli Nicosia
Akfinansman Ltd.

228 9003
228 4506

228 5713 Osman Pasa C. No:16 K. Ciftlik Nicosia
Altinbas Sigorta Ltd. 227 6586
227 5520
227 6648 Cemal Gursel C. Altinbas Petrol Istasyonu Yani Nicosia
Anadolu Anonim Turk Sigorta Sti. 227 9595
227 1010
  Kibris Subesi Memduh Asaf S. No:8 Nicosia
Anadolu Anonim Turk Sigorta Sti. 815 6174   Sht. Suleyman Ulucamgil S. Levent 3 Apt Daire 4 Kyrenia
As-Can Co. Ltd. 227 6444
228 4700
228 1976
228 3333
Mehmet Akif C. No: 112 Nicosia
Basak Sigorta A.S. 228 6161
228 0209
228 6160 K.K.T.C. Sube Mudurlugu Dagliogulari Ltd. Mehmet Akif C. No:95 Kumsal Nicosia
Altun 366 8152
366 5562
366 8160 Tabya Yolu No:11/A Famagusta
Bati Sigorta 228 2596   Bedreddin Demirel C. Nicosia
Bayindir Sigorta A.S. 228 2632   Ataturk Meydani Nicosia
Bey Sigorta 228 8241
228 8242
  Sht. Ecevit Yusuf C. No:54 Yenisehir Nicosia
Gunes Sigorta Can Kardesler Ltd. 228 7333
228 7310
  Vakiflar Is Hani No: 1/C Nicosia
815 2245   Hurriyet C. No: E/15 Girne
714 2225   Ecevit C. Gizelyurt
Cigna Sabanci Sigorta A.S. 228 3880 228 3750 Iplik Pazari S. No:1 Nicosia
Enginsoy Seyahat ve Sigorta Acentesi 815 1195   Hurriyet C. Mentes Aziz Apt. No:3 Kyrenia
Gensa Ltd. Bati Sigorta Acenteligi 228 2596   Bedreddin Demirel C. Nicosia
Gunes Hayat Sigorta A.S. 225 5535 225 6515 Sht. Kemal Ünal S. Lefkonuklu Çarsisi No: 127/C Nicosia
Guven Sigorta Sti. Ltd. 228 8477   Sht. Ecevit Yusuf C. Askonak 2 Apt. Nicosia
Inan Sigorta 227 6444
228 4700
227 6008 Mehmet Akif C. No:112 Nicosia
815 3008   Canbulat S. No: 7/A Kyrenia
Isviçre Sigorta A.S. 228 8235 228 8236 Genel Acentesi Arkom Ltd. Sht. Mustafa A. Ruso C. K.Kaymakli Nicosia
Islek Sigorta Ltd. 228 8890   Turganer Binalari Kat 2 No: 3 Nicosia
Ecevit C. No: 2/B Guzelyurt 714 1584    
K.M.B. General Agency Ltd. 366 5731   15 Agustos Bulvari Famagusta
Kibris Turk Kooperatif Merkez Bankasi Ltd. 228 5875
228 2246
227 9208 Sigorta Acentelik Bölumu Nicosia
Limasol Sigorta Ltd. 815 8772
815 8773
  Orhaneli S. Kyrenia
LLOYD’s Sub-Agency S.A. 227 4741   Hasan Nihat Apt. No:11 Nicosia
MEBO 228 2001
228 4775
  Tanzimat S. Ank Co. Binalari Nicosia
Nisan Sigorta Acenteligi Ltd. 815 9388   Ziya Rizki C. Asdemir Çarsisi Ofis B Kyrenia
Oyak Sigorta 228 4506   Osman Pasa C. No:16 K.Çiftlik Nicosia
Özer Raif Gunes Sigorta 366 3151 366 3150 Liman yolu No: 10 Famagusta
Rasid Sirketler Grubu 228 2125
228 2482
Ray Sigorta A.S. 227 0380
227 0381
  Bedreddin Demirel C. Arabacioglu Apt 7 No:123/7 Nicosia
Selvi Sigorta Acenteligi Ltd. 228 6897   Sht. Mustafa Ruso C. No: 63/3 K.Kaymakli Nicosia
Sibera Ltd. 228 2851 228 2850 Posta S. Tegi Is Hani No:23/2 Nicosia
Sark Sigorta kibris Subesi 227 1292   Mehmet Akif C. Saadet Apt. No:1 Nicosia
Seker Sigorta(Kibris) Ltd. 228 5883 227 4074 Mahmut Pasa S. No: 14/A Nicosia
Turkiye Genel Sigorta A.S. 228 2851   Kibris Genel Acenteligi Posta S. Tegi Is Hani No: 23/2 Nicosia
Yetkin Sigorta Acenteligi Ltd. 366 5765
366 5210
366 0385 Canbulat Yolu No:2/A Famagusta
Yilmazoglu Talat Dogan Sigorta Acenteligi 714 2443   Yavuz Sokollu C. No:10/A Guzelyurt
Zirve Sigorta Ltd. 228 7154
228 9178
228 7101 Sht. Ibrahim Ramadan S. Coyak Binasi Nicosia



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