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Turkish Cyprus Building Construction
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Cyprus Building Construction

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Being a relatively “young” country, Northern Cyprus has been going through a period of fast growth of the construction sector. Due to the stabilisation of economy, many people have purchased properties and built their own houses. Answering to the high demand in the sphere of building construction, a lot of Cyprus building construction companies have been established in the country. Many of them have already had more than ten years of experience in the field. They specialise in small renovations, such as addition of a room, as well as in designing and building an entire house.

Before you hire a North Cyprus building construction company you will probably hire an architect who will prepare a design of the project. Architects work closely with by civil, mechanical, cost, electrical and structural engineers, as well as interior designers.

As soon as the design is completed you may organise a tender for construction companies. The construction may be based directly on the design, or on the basis of drawings and a bill of quantities provided by a surveyor.

Today many big local construction companies employ a lot of experts in different fields, thus offering a great variety of services, such as carpentry, drainage, framing, ventilation and air-conditioning, painting and decorating, roofing, electrification, ironworks and many more.

However, in Turkish Cyprus there are still a lot of firms specialising in narrow fields: carpenters, ironworkers, flooring companies, etc. Local carpenters are famous for their wide range of woodworks: furniture making, fine woodworking, model building, joinery. Metal works include preparation of framework of buildings and roof constructionn in Cyprus building construction sector.

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