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North Cyprus Construction Companies

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North Cyprus Construction Companies
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Construction Companies in North Cyprus

Cyprus Building Construction Companies / Architects and Building Surveyors / Carpentry, Ironwork and Flooring

North Cyprus construction companies run different projects: from small renovations, such as addition of a room, or renovation of a bathroom; to designing and building an entire house. Construction team is often responsible for the entire process, including design, financial, legal considerations, as well as supervision over a positive outcome of the project.
Today many big North Cyprus construction firms employ previously separated specialties. If in the past, architects, interior designers, engineers, developers, construction managers were to be separate companies, presently, a construction firm may have experts from all related fields. Thus, such firm may offer itself to implement a construction project from beginning to end.
The variety of services provided by construction companies proves this trend:


Company Telephone Email Address
A.T.O Kardesler Insaat Muteahhitligi Ltd. 227 2764 email Nurullah Atac S.A.T.O Kardesler Apt. 1/A No: 24 K.Ciftlik Nicosia
Akdeniz Construction 815 5277 email Bedreddin Demirel C. Kyrenia
Arabaciogullari Ltd. Insaat Muteahhitligi 227 9829 email Sht. Ulucamgil S. Arabacioglu Apt. Nicosia
Asel Engineering Ltd. 225 2461 email Organize Sanayi bolgesi Nicosia
Candemir Ltd. 815 3764 email Yeni Liman Candemir 5 Apt. Kyrenia
Candemir Mustafa Insaat Mutahitligi 227 8235 email Ataturk C. Candemir Apt. No:7 Daire: 8 Nicosia
Direl Insaat ve Ticaret Sti. Ltd. 815 1900 email Belediye Otobus Terminali No:D/20 Kyrenia
Emek Insaat Sti Ltd. 227 4767 email Sht. Hikmet Rezvan S. No:5 Nicosia
Emek Insaat Sti Ltd. 815 3001 email Askin S. No: 2/A Kyrenia
Emtan Insaat Sti 815 4743 email Mete Adanir C. Emtan 2 Apt. Kyrenia
Er Insaat Muteahhitligi 223 1218 email Sarmasik S. Gonyeli Nicosia
Hasan Kofali Insaat Muteahhitligi Ltd. Sti 223 1332 email Cengiz Topel S. Gonyeli Nicosia
Izhakoglu Seli Yusuf Insaat Muteahhitligi 227 7846 email Sht. Asaf Cemal S. No:43 Nicosia
Izko Mutahhitlik Ltd. 225 4138 email Organize Sanayi Bolgesi 7/S Nicosia
Kardesler Müteahhitligi 228 3620 email Vakiflar Is Hani Kat 1 Daire 4 Ortakoy Nicosia
Kuzey Insaat Ltd. 225 7056 email Yeni Organize Sanayi Bolgesi Nicosia
Lord Insaat Ltd. 223 1916 email Ataturk C. No:1 Gonyeli Nicosia
Mecon Co. Ltd. 228 6200 email Sht. Ecvet Yusuf C. Askonak 2 Apt. Dukkan B Nicosia
Mesarya Sti. Ltd. 223 3152 email Sht. Ozel Ali S. Fuar karsisi Gocmenkoy Nicosia
Omurel Insaat ve Turizm Ltd. 815 4148 email Mete Adanir C. No:1 Kyrenia
Osin Construction   email  
Pearl Construction Ltd. 227 4180 email Bedrettin Demirel C. Nicosia
Sadik Tuccaroglu Ins. Tic. Ltd. 815 5287 email Karakum Kyrenia
Turk Izzet Insaat ve Kalip Isleri Muteahhitligi 227 5475 email Oren S. No:2 Marmara Bolgesi Nicosia
Yapim Insaat Mutahhitlik 228 3303 email Sht. Ecvet Yusuf C. No:19/C Yenisehir Nicosia
Z.H.M Insaat Ltd. 223 2839 email Sht. Mustafa Ozkan S. No:9 Gonyeli Nicosia

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