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North Cyprus Architects and Building Surveyors
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Architects and Building Surveyors in North Cyprus

Cyprus Building Construction Companies / Architects and Building Surveyors / Carpentry, Ironwork and Flooring

Before you legalise any arrangements with the construction company in North Cyprus you should decide how the house of your dreams will look like. If the construction firm you cooperating with, doesn’t provide the design for the project you may address an independent architect or a specialised company.
They prepare initial design of the project for building construction. Architects work closely with civil, mechanical, cost, electrical and structural engineers, as well as interior designers. This design team plans the physical proceedings of the projects, and then integrates those proceedings with the other parts. A good architectural design should combine feasibility and cost-effectiveness, as well as function and aesthetics for you.
The construction may be based directly on the design, or on the basis of drawings and a bill of quantities provided by a surveyor.

Architects in North Cyprus

Name Telephone Location
Ocal Hikmet 0542 852 4268 Kyrenia
Osin Construction 822 3559 Kyrenia – Karaoglanoglu
Victorian Architects 821 8151 Kyrenia – Alsancak

Building Surveyors in North Cyprus

Name Telephone Location
Building Surveying Services 0533 842 9842 Kyrenia
Picea Registered Surveyors and Building Controllers 0392 816 0547 Kyrenia

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