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The main objective of our website is to introduce North Cyprus, as well as its business, to the outside world. The website consists of several headings divided into subcategories, some of which are hotels, travel agencies, financial institutions, restaurants, health organisations, educational facilities, entertaining industry companies, - all of them operating in Northern Cyprus. Our audience varies from holiday makers and tourists to entrepreneurs. We may help you reach potential customers and business partners.

We provide different types of advertising support. The website is serving to companies and organisations through placing text link ads on the home page, listing (posting the name of the company, web link, telephone, fax, email, postal address), text advertisement in relevant categories. Whatever your speciality is, we will find an ideal match within the website structure for your company, so the users will find it easily in the relevant section of the portal.

Why advertising on is beneficial for your business?

  • Our ads rates are extremely competitive with those in North Cyprus.
  • We have one of the highest ranking in the leading search engines, which gives you the opportunity to promote your business to a wider target audience.
  • We are paying much attention to the promotion of the web portal through different channels and we are very experienced in doing so.

We also provide additional services:

  • Banners design.
  • Website development.
  • Website support and updating services.

To get more information on advertising prices and additional services please contact us by email


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