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Karpass Peninsula

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North Cyprus cities - Dipkarpaz, Karpass peninsula
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Smaller Towns in Karpass Peninsula and Dipkarpaz

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The region of Iskele is situated in the north east part of the island. It is one of the most beautiful parts of Northern Cyprus. There are not big towns here, and the nature has remained unspoilt. The most popular destination of Iskele region is the Karpass peninsula. In spite of the fact that it is a remote place, Karpass attracts a lot of people by its enormous "Golden Beach".


Dipkarpaz (Greek: Rizokarpaso) is a town on the Karpass Peninsula in Famagusta district, north-eastern Cyprus. It is partly located in the ancient city of Karpasia, founded by king Pygmalion.
Dipkarpaz is the biggest town on the peninsula. Soil near the town is very fertile. Local crops include carob, cotton, tobacco, and grain. A tobacco-factory operates in the town.
In 1974, the peninsula was cut off by Turkish troops, and this prevented the town's Greek-Cypriot inhabitants from fleeing to the unoccupied South. As a result, Dipkarpaz is the home of the biggest Greek-speaking population in the North.
The town has two churches: St. Synesios and the church of the Holy Trinity. They are examples of the typical Cypriot mixed style, combining features of the late Gothic introduced by the Lusignans with the late Byzantine style of the Orthodox tradition. When the island's Orthodox bishops were banished by the Lusignans in 1222, the Bishop of Famagusta was sent to Dipkarpaz and continued his work in St. Synesios, the main Orthodox Church in the region.

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