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North Cyprus International Relations
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The TRNC is recognised as an independent state only by Turkey. The rest of the countries don't consider North Cyprus as a sovereign nation, though maintain official and unofficial contacts with the latter.

Since the referendum held in Cyprus on the United Nations plan in 2004, there have been significant changes in international relations of the TRNC with the rest of the world:

  • The Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) has given the TRNC the status of a constituent state which replaced the previous one of a community state. Turkish Cyprus has become an observer member of the OIC.
  • In 2005 the OIC issued resolutions calling upon member nations and other states to do more to ease United Nations restrictions imposed upon Northern Cyprus, and to open direct links with the TRNC.
  • Azerbaijan has started direct air flights with the TRNC. With this regard, several states of Central Asia have expressed interest in commencing their own air links with North Cyprus.
  • Delegations from foreign governments (including US congressmen and a large parliamentary delegation from Kyrgyzstan) have visited North Cyprus and discussed the possibility of closer economic and cultural interaction with the TRNC government.
  • The Republic of Cyprus has weakened the embargo placed on the TRNC.

The current Minister of Foreign Affairs of the TRNC, Serdar Denktas, pursues a policy of raising international awareness of the TRNC and strengthening economic contacts with other countries. He contributes to creating an image of Turkish Cyprus as of an independent and democratic state.

The TRNC carries out contacts with international community, as well as within the United Nations Organisation, via its Representative Offices situated in different countries. These missions do no have formal diplomatic status, but serve as de facto embassies and consulates.

Honorary Representatives, appointed by North Cyprus in various cities, assist the primary TRNC Representative Offices.

As far as Foreign Diplomatic Missions in the TRNC is concerned, at the moment, only Turkey maintains a formal embassy on the territory of the TRNC. In Nicosia, both the British High Commissioner to Cyprus and the United States Ambassador to Cyprus have their residences. The EU reported that it was considering opening a representative office in the TRNC. Azerbaijan and the Gambia have also announced their willingness to formally recognize the TRNC.

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