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Guzelyurt is famous for its large citrus gardens
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St. Mamas ChurchGuzelyurt (Greek: Morphou, Turkish: Omorfo - before 1974) is a market town in the north-west of Cyprus. Guzelyurt was founded by Spartans who brought with them the worship of Aphrodite. In the Middle Ages, the city was referred to as Morphou and also Theomorphou. The Guzelyurt area grew more than half of Cyprus citrus fruits.

St. Mamas Church in Guzelyurt represents is dedicated to St. Mamas, popularly known as the patron saint of tax avoiders. The title was bestowed on him because he was a hermit living in very poor circumstances and when the authorities tried to tax him, he evaded them.

The town is surrounded by large citrus gardens, which makes this area the biggest fruit supplier of the island.

If you want to know more about Guzelyurt and the whole story of St. Mamas visit the page 'Sightseeing in Guzelyurt'.

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